In Northern France, 1064, Harold Godwinson, son of an Anglo-Saxon warlord, is shipwrecked on a rescue mission and captured by a the brutal Norman Duke William, who is known to have ties with the English throne.

        After an uneasy truce, Harold and his men join William on a military campaign in France. William releases Harold; but then becomes incensed when the English king dies and Harold is hastily crowned King of England.

        William’s anger drives him to summon an invasion fleet, sanctioned by the Church, while Harold struggles to unite England against dissenters and Viking invasion.  Harold faces his opponents, the fiercest of which is William, who lands with his invasion force on the south coast of England.

        The two rivals met at Hastings, October 16, 1066, in a battle that forever changed history.


PDF extracts from screenplay by Joe Fordham & Mark Ellis

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       “Your 1066 script is the freshest, brightest, most promising, most intelligent, most powerful and most creative storytelling of those events.

        “The first pages grab me by the throat and I just can't stop reading on and on. Good dialogue and some ‘forte’ pieces, like when Swan-Neck tells William what he really is... a bastard.

        “I simply can't wait to see Blood Royal in the cinema.  Why isn't there anyone out there who realizes the potential of this stuff?”

Reinout Goddyn

historian & author

Charlotte & Leopold

        “Great story with strong characters, especially Harold and Swan-Neck. Set in a unique world.  There is a good amount of tension / conflict throughout the story and a pretty good structure.  There are three clear acts to the story and the mood, tone, and atmosphere are solid, which is sometimes a challenge in period piece screenplays. Overall, the story is compelling and entertaining, the characters are complex, and the theme is strong.”

Reader report

Writers On The Storm

screenplay competition

         “I liked it a lot... extremely well-researched and authentic, and you clearly have a sophisticated interest in telling this particular story. The characters were all solid... the whole thing seemed very credible.”

Stephen Norrington

film director

Blade, The Last Minute